US Bolt Kits 1035 Piece Grade 8 USS Coarse Nut Bolt and Washer Assortment with 30 Plastic Bins

1035 Piece Grade 8 USS Coarse Nut Bolt and Washer Assortment with 30 Plastic Bins

  • $174.99

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Weight: 25 pounds

Dimensions: 24 x 5 x 15 inches


Allow 3-5 Days for Shipping.


**Does not come with a louvered panel for hanging, these bins are stackable.  Find available hanging panels at the bottom of the Plastic Bin Fastener Kits page.

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Customer Reviews

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Randall D.

I didn't receive my m 10-1.50×25, m 10-150×40 bolts or metric lables


I'm sorry that you were missing items from your order. We will ship these items out to you today via Priority Mail.

Thank you,

Scott N.
Bolts good need bigger bins

Quality of hardware is good but the bins for them are small it’s hard to get my hand into them to get bolts out


I'm sorry to hear that it's hard to get your fasteners out of the plastic bins. We can understand the frustration there since they are stacking bins. I wanted to let you know about a potential other option you have that would provide some additional space in between bins in the case you are interested and have the space. We do offer louvered panels that hang on the wall, or sit on a workbench that would provide additional space between the bins and make it easier to get the fasteners out. You can find these on our website under Storage toward the bottom of the page. The 36' x 19' louvered panel would hold 40 plastic bins. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we would be happy to help.

Thank you,


Missing half of the Hardware and getting no response from seller

We did get your chat message, and Nancy responded to you the day we received it. When we didn't hear back from you on the chat session, she emailed you at the email address you put on your order. We will gladly replace the missing items, we just had a couple questions about the packaging when it arrived. The carrier had the package weighing 19 pounds, which is correct, so she asked if there was any damage to the package when it arrived, and if so could you please send pictures so we could claim the damage as the items you stated were missing would cause quite a substantial weight difference. She let you know that once we heard back from you, we would gladly get the missing fasteners out to you. We are sorry that you chose to leave such a poor review when we did get back to you, and hope you'll consider revising the review. As always, our email and phone number are listed on our site. We don't want anyone to be unsatisfied with their purchase from us.
Thank you,



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